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"I have been in therapy with Jane for past 2 years. I have felt at ease with her from quite early on, this has enabled me to explore some painful subjects,whilst knowing she would keep me safe. For me, Jane's attitude has resulted in a relaxed atmosphere during our sessions, and I can express my emotions and fears to her quite clearly. Jane has a truly caring attitude to her clients."
A. Southampton.

"Jane's support and understanding to me has always been excellent. She is a lovely, kind and gentle lady who I feel I could turn to about anything. Jane has helped me to feel differently about my life and I deeply thank her for this".
D. Southampton.

After spending 12 months working with Jane I have been given a new lease of life. Jane has helped me understand and work through things I felt I just couldn't deal with on my own. Jane has helped me rebuild my confidence and self- worth, helped me gain a better understanding of others and their actions, but most of all has given me the strength I need to deal with anything that comes my way,
Such a wonderful and kind lady who has truly helped me turn my life around, I can't thank her enough.
K. Southampton

I found Jane on the internet when I was very low, I knew I needed help, my confidence was low after a few very traumatic years and it was beginning to affect my marriage. I didn't really know what I needed from a counsellor but I had a very specific idea of what I didn't want so I guess I was quite a tricky case to begin with...right from the outset I found Jane to be approachable, sensitive , understanding, insightful and wise. I don't know exactly how she does what she does, but after only a few sessions my thoughts were straight things that were bothering me were put away and I was able to see things a lot more clearly.
I felt able to say things to Jane that I couldn't say to anyone else. Jane never judged me or criticized me, she just helped me to make sense of how I was feeling, leave harmful thoughts and feelings behind and move on.
I will always be very grateful to Jane and cannot recommend her highly enough.

V. Chandlers Ford.

Jane has helped me to view my current situation with a more positive pair of eyes and to be more accepting of it. Jane has also helped me understand that the way I sometimes feel about my difficult situation is perfectly natural and normal. From the outset of our sessions I felt comfortable and at ease with speaking openly to Jane about my circumstances. I can only thank Jane enormously for helping me to get into a better frame of mind about things. I now feel that I can cope better with my life and what lies ahead.

P. Southampton.

When I first started working with Jane I felt as if I had no power over my own life. I was totally overwhelmed meeting the demands of a job, a young family and elderly parents, I was drinking lots of wine most nights. I felt hopeless and miserable. Jane was fantastic and gradually through our sessions together got me to see that Ihad to put myself first sometimes and that is was OK to say NO to others. I found her calm and wise and could not recommend her highly enough. Jane enabled me to change my life for the better for which I will always be very grateful.

J. Southampton
I knew from the moment I saw the butterflies in Jane's office I was in the right place. Jane made me feel comfortable and safe, which meant I was able to discuss my issues and feelings freely without judgement. Jane has provided me with practical coping tools that I continue to use on a daily basis. Thank you for all your support Jane.
A. Southampton.

"Having worked with Jane for the last year or so, I cannot thank her enough for support, time and counselling. Jane is patient, kind and supportive in every way. Having been concerned about seeking counselling, not once did I feel embarrassed, self conscious or judged. Jane genuinely cares about who she is working with, helping to build a very strong and trusting therapeutic relationship. Jane has helped me to truly understand myself better, thus having a positive effect not only on me but everyone around me. My relationships with my family and my partner are stronger thanks to Janes hard work with me. I am so grateful for everything Jane has done for me. Thank you.
K. Southampton.

I met with Jane over a few months at a time I was feeling great anxiety in my life. Jane was so easy to talk to and be honest with. She made me feel very comforted and "normal" at a time when I couldn't make sense of my life. Seeing Jane helped me to start thinking things through more clearly, with less anxiety which meant that time in between sessions I was able to cope much better by myself as time went on. I truly appreciate the time I had with Jane and wouldn't hesitate to go back again to see her in the future if the need arose.
K. Southampton.

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